What to expect from this post:
this COULD BE the last post for the next two weeks as i will head out in the wilderness of Lake Baikal participating in THIS project. In the meantime you can enjoy the fascinating story about Sergey and Tatyana I had the pleasure spending two days with.

Sergey and Tatyana live in Irkutsk together with their german shepherd Yarush. I found them via Couchsurfing and gladly they accepted my request. I somehow already knew that there will be a story to find at their place since they are well traveled, hitchhiked a lot and announced their big trip already on Couchsurfing. Find out more in the video below. Take your time, grab your lady or lad,
it´s 13 mins but worth it and full of insights in travel, barriers in your head and fear.

What I´ve learned from Sergey, Tatyana and Yarush:
Barriers are only in your head
New beginnings hold new adventures
Everything is possible, you just got to do it (yes it´s that easy)
If you don´t live the life you want – change something and live it
No money is no excuse for not traveling – maybe your (self set) standards are
Fear is only in your mind and your own personal barrier (sometimes not even real)

Thank´s Yarush for this insight:
Grab your chances while the food is on the table and the landlords out of the house!
(Yarush stole a big bowl of meat and eat it all while we were away) 😀

Now enjoy the video and support Sergey and Tatyana on their trip!