Why is it so quiet Martin?

Was I just too busy taking pictures, hanging in the Gobi Desert or on my way to China? Yes. A bit of everything. As I´m now in China and spent my last days in Beijing, make sure to watch the video below because it is really bad and explains a lot why Im not posting anything new right now!

Hope you had the same fun watching as we had making this video. David and I were laughing so hard, and that this is something you pay for killed us even more. 30 Yuan well spent.

Now seriously. The reason for the long absence of posts is quite simple. In Mongolia everything is very touristy, since you have to go on organized tours and the capital Ulan Bator wasn´t just my thing. So no real chance of meeting people apart from brief chats. and I didn´t feel the vibe for any deeper portrait or story worthwhile telling. Im already in Shanghai right now and rest assured, I have one thing coming in Japan and I´m sure the next story awaits there beginning of Ocotber.

In the meantime enjoy the above video one more time and some pictures in the gallery have been added.

See you soon!