Sometimes you encounter people that conquer your soul and heart in just a fragment of a second. With creative and arty kind of people I experienced this in the past and I guess also Natalia is that kind of person. Humble, decent, not a word too much, nevertheless a winning smile and a real teaser.

I met Natalia at a local Couchsurfing event in St Petersburg and we began walking across the city the following evenings. Instead a video
this is about „What I´ve learned from Natalia“ with some pictures from the evenings we spent walking and taking photos.

What I´ve learned from Natalia:

Less talk is more.
Draw Bridges open in summer nights.
Having an eye on architecture and buildings.
Appreciating the nights and lights of St. Petersburg.
A simple cigarette can cause trouble with the Police. 🙂
Israeli Cuisine and good company is all you need being happy.

Spasibo for the walks, talks and dinners Natalia!