“Most travel, and certainly the rewarding kind, involves depending on the kindness of strangers, putting yourself into the hands of people you don’t know and trusting them with your life.”
― Paul Theroux, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star

This is about kindness, strangers becoming friends, openness and the great Japanese hospitality which made me fall in love with Japan already at the airport.

The above quote is so on point to what I experienced on my travels and especially it reflects my days on Hachijo-Jima, where I met Mikis, perfectly.

How did I meet Mikis?
Just how we met is already great. We both did a Vippassana retreat in Chiba together, meditating in the same place for 10 days. In absolute silence. No phone, no books, no electronics. On the last day the so called „noble silence“ is lifted and of course I talked to many people on the course to share the experiences. Also the other participants, which were mostly Japanese, approached me filled with curiosity and with many questions I happily answered. We laughed and shared stories of pain as the last day is very joyful after 10 days of hard work on your inner self and the ability to speak again.

So, it happened that also Mikis and I had a chat. As soon as he revealed he is living on a remote island, 11 hours from Tokyo, my curiosity got awakened.

See for yourself how life is in the sea far from Tokyo and what beauty it holds. meet: Mikis!