Dmitry, Vilnius based artist, born in Moscow,

creates clocks and small art pieces from materials like wood, copper or gyps in his little studio in Vilnius near the main station. meet: Dmitry, his art, his studio and what he has to say about life and creativity in the documentary at the end of this page.

I arrive at his studio which is located in one of the many soviet apartment blocks you see around. As I enter, my expectations are matched, I step into a small apartment stuffed with tools, materials and works in progress.

Dmitry has a warm and welcoming personality, soft voice and the smiles as much with his eyes as with his whole face. Most of the questions he answered in his own and philosophical way. But see for yourself below.

My presence didn´t seem to bother him at all and he restlessly pulled out and unwraps a lot of art, showing me what he has done over time. Very fine Photographs with double exposure shots put in frames (see more in the video), dotted pen drawings, frame in frame paintings and printer art his broken printer did. He also showed various materials he works with. See more in the Photostream below.

In the following video you will learn about Dmitry´s art and the way he sees creativity, how his ideas come to life and of course I asked some important questions regarding the meaning of life. 

Enjoy the video and don´t forget to set it to best quality possible!

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